Advanced API Discoverability and HATEOAS - 2 Hour Workshop

This workshop is a deep-dive into Hypermedia and implementing HATEOAS into a Spring REST API.

We're going to be using the Spring and Spring-HATEOAS and to drive the implementation of a Hypermedia API.

Here's what's on the agenda:

    • Using the Spring HATEOAS project for dynamic link building
    • Implementing fetch plans/field plans
    • Returning a lighter Resource representation for lists
    • Returning relations as full embedded resources vs just links
    • A full project template for the implementation

The Other Workshops

All three workshops available through a single package here.

Your Instructor

Eugen Paraschiv
Eugen Paraschiv

I am a software engineer and consultant with a passion for the Spring ecosystem, REST APIs and, of course, security. Nowadays, Iā€™m focused on running Baeldung, creating video courses, helping the Java community and doing quite a bit of OAuth work.

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